Wordpress Hosting FAQ

  • Our servers are super fast. We aim for a 10% average CPU loading, which means all websites can burst 10x, or individual websites can burst 100x or even 1000x normal traffic loads.
  • Yes, we provide a free SSL certificate with every PHP hosting plan.
  • Yes, we backup files and databases. Multiple backups of your database is available via FTP. We also have incremental file backups, so we can restore your website to any point in time up to 90 days old.
  • Yes we can host any PHP / MySQL powered CMS, including wordpress, drupal, silverstripe, magento, joomla, prestashop, concrete5 etc.
  • Yes, we offer a free migration service, for an "as is" transfer.
  • We can refer you to a range of awesome PHP website developers.
  • For a support fee, we can help you recover your website. There are several approaches, such as importing selected content into a clean wordpress install, or recovering from a recent backup file.
  • No, we have our own custom control panel, where you can easily access your stats, manage your domains and email accounts, create new admin users for wordpress, and access phpMyAdmin or your FTP details.
  • Yes we offer VPS. See our prices.
  • To streamline deployment of applications between development and production, we provide an environment variables file for you to access the correct database and file locations.
  • Our control panel lets you see recently changed files, and view PHP error logs, and apache access logs, so you can spot the causes of problems more quickly.
  • Our control panel is wordpress integrated. You can create new wordpress administator users via our control panel.
  • Our databases and load balanced CPU environment is based in Sydney. We also have global content delivery network to provide super fast hosting in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and USA
  • Yes you can host multiple domain names on one account, and use other techniques to setup different websites for each address.