Our wordpress hosting costs only $25+gst per month. 

This includes free SSL certificates, so you can have https based web hosting. 

You can host multiple web addresses or even different websites on one account, by sharing the database space, and configuring your htaccess file correctly. 

We automatically backup your website onto other web servers, and can restore to a specific point in time. 

Warning! We are not a cheap hosting provider. Our PHP hosting infrastructure offers superior service, with minimal down time. Our CPU's consistently run at less than 10% of their capacity, so that when one website gets busy, it doesn't slow other websites down. 

Plan Options

Our $25/month standard web hosting plan is sufficient for most small business wordpress installs and includes

  • 6GB traffic
  • 1GB filespace. 
  • 5 mailboxes

Our $40/month hosting plan is perfect for customers with more than 500 product photos, and includes

  • 14GB traffic
  • 2GB filespace
  • 7 mailboxes

Our $60/month plan is for businesses who have added far too many plugins, and saved too many local backups, and they ought to tidy that mess up. 

  • 22GB traffic
  • 4GB filespace
  • 12 mailboxes

All Plans Include

  • Free SSL certificate and upgrade to https web hosting
  • Web statistics by awstats
  • No contract terms, cancel anytime

Discounts Available

  • 25% discount for life for referrals
  • 25% discount on additional hosting accounts. 
  • Approx 16% discount on annual plans