Do you offer VPS

Yes we offer VPS. 

VPS is great when you want to be sure you don't share your RAM and CPU with other users. 

VPS is great when you want to run custom system scripts, or use libraries, that are not permitted in our shared hosting environment. 

 Plan  Specs Price
T2.Small  1 GB Ram - 1 CPU - 1GB - 100Mb speed NZ$80+gst per month
T2.Medium  4 GB Ram - 2 CPU - 2GB - 250Mb speed NZ$120+gst per month
T2.Large  8 GB Ram - 2 CPU - 10GB - 500Mb speed NZ$220+gst per month
T2.XL 16 GB Ram - 4 CPU - 20GB - 740Mb speed  NZ$440+gst per month

Setup cost: $100+gst

Our basic VPS setup is to simply replicate your website onto it's own CPU, while we continue to provide the database and filesystem on shared devices. This structure means you don't need to manage anything, but you can rest assured that no one is sharing your CPU or RAM.

With a private VPS, you can also request the addition of custom PHP libraries, and other server shell scripts. A support fee of $120+gst per hour applies for custom server administration that you request, with a minimum of 30 minutes charged.

With our standard VPS plans, we can setup your website to automatically failover to our shared hosting environment if your server experiences an outage. 

Should you have requirements for larger diskspace and traffic, this can be easily accommodated. 

Network performance is based on third party testing, and is provided for informational purposes only. Actual performance may vary, and is subject to AWS network capability.  Our filesystem and database each have network speeds of approx 740Mb/s

More Plans Available

We host your websites on AWS, the ultimate cloud platform. Essentially our prices are 3 AWS EC2 cost. You could cut out the middle man and get these prices at a third the price at AWS. But you would get very little support, and you also need to consider traffic usage and other services.  The price we charge covers our other services including

  • Systems administration
  • Backups
  • Filesystem Usage
  • Database Usage (database hosted on RDS)
  • DNS
  • Email
  • CDN
  • Support
  • Accounts administration, multiple site discounts, and currency fluctuations. 

Multiple Sites? 

We can technically host multiple sites on 1 single VPS. Each website that is not on a VPS plan will still be charged its usual hosting fee. But yes, it can be moved to your VPS to share the RAM and CPU available.

Alternatively, if you manage your own server, you can host as much on it as you like. 

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